Selecting Checkboxes and Submit Button with a Hot Key


Thank You for taking the time to read this. Having trouble selecting the checkbox for each option "food" "soda" "candy" "none of the above" "no listing" etc. Lastly, clicking a "Submit" button, if it is possible.

Tried the image approach by cropping each option "food" "soda" "candy" etc to make an image to use the found image method, but it only takes you to the label with the text of "food" "soda" "candy" etc. and doesn't click the checkbox.

this appears in the source when inspecting in Google chrome these are the options for the check boxes when hovering over the checkboxes

Have you tried using Browser Form Actions actions (KM Wiki)?

For the submit, use Submit Form Action (KM Wiki).

If these are not working for you, please post the URL you’re working with.

Thank You for the reply. The Browser Form Actions actions is not something that sounded familiar, but worked without an issue.

A follow-up question about checkboxes, how about to un-select, in the event that pressed the key and made the check but wanted to un-check?

A follow-up question for the Submit Form Action. The xpath didn’t turn up anything in terms of copying the xpath then pasting it into the Submit Form. However, by leaving the Submit Form Action to its default the form submitted. Does that mean the data went through regardless of not having the xpath for the submit button?