Selection of floating user account for login

Can someone help me to activate the flying login window with a direct action or an applescript?
I have created a macro based on "click on a found image". Is there perhaps a more direct way?

Here is a short video of the km-macro.

11)Alex 1.kmmacros (484,4 KB)

Instead of clicking the authorization prompt it could work with the Activate Last Application action.

For example,

  1. bringing up an authorization prompt in System Preferences
  2. and than running this macro brings me back to the prompt:

I tested it with TextEdit because I don't have the "1Password mini" app. If the "1Password mini" app does not behave like a regular app, then maybe it doesn't work.

Edit / PS:

If the above doesn't work and the 1Password mini app is a "background only" app then try this:

[test] Bring Back Focus to Frontmost App.kmmacros (2.0 KB)

If it works then you can merge the script with the content of the last AppleScript in your macro.

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Hello @Tom, please excuse me if I’m not answering now. Your suggestion doesn’t work. The window cannot be opened in this way.
I will therefore stick to my “click found image”. Thank you for your help :+1:

in this Quick View my whole workflow for the login under macOS. Maybe there’s something for you :wink: