Send files to different actions based on filename


Ive searched for an answer to this question but have not found anything. I have one folder that I put .pdf’s into and have been manually sorting them from there. Some get sent to clients in email, others are printed to hard copies and mailed. After I either email or mail they are sorted into a different folder so I know they have been processed. I would like to automate this.

So I have my base folder called “Files”. This will contain .pdfs with an invoice number and then client name attached. For instance, 1001 Acme or 1002 Bigco. Acme would get attached to an email and sent (to the same email address each time), Bigco would be sent to the printer. Both files afterwards would be sent to the a new folder called “Sent”.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hopefully this example macro should help get you started. Please note that this macro requires Keyboard Maestro 8 and assumes that you are both using for your email and that is open and running when the macro is run.
Actions that require you to modify them (in order to specify folders, the email address, and the actual key words in the file names) have been marked in orange and yellow, and prefaced with comments containing instructions. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

[Example] Email or Print, Then Move Files in Designated Folder.kmmacros (16.3 KB)