Send Finder items to Yoink

###MACRO:   send to yoink

Recently got this app . Still not sure if I will keep it but this macro I think is quite useful for sending files to the app from Finder.

send to yoink.kmmacros (20 KB)



I had trouble with this where file names had spaces. I use a menu approach:

Send to Yoink
Triggered by any of the following:
The Hot Key ⌃⌥⇧⌘Key Pad 2 is pressed
Will execute the following actions:
Select Menu Item in Finder
Select: Finder ⇢ Services ⇢ Add Selected Files to Yoink
Stop macro and notify on failure.

I don’t have ‘Add Selected Files to Yoink’ service for some reason.

You may need to go to System Preferences/Keyboard/Services (on left side) and then find it on the right-hand side and turn it on

Whoops, that should by System Preferences/Keyboard/Shortcuts (tab)/Services (on left side) and then find it on the right hand side and turn it on

You can easily do this using all KM native Actions:
For Each Action with Finders Selection collection (KM Wiki)
Open a File action (KM Wiki), and specify the target app, Yoink in this case.

The $path in the script should be double quoted.

open -a Yoink "$path"

Otherwise it will split the paths at each space and try to interpret each part as a file name.

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I use Yoink also very intensively @nikivi and have me a workflow created - however without Applescript.

Watch this video Yoink Workflow. The KM Macros can be found in the Infobox.

Hast du die Makros für Yoink für mich?
(Der Link zu den Makros funktioniert nicht mehr)

Ihre Paletten-methode funktioniert sehr gut. Keine shortcuts mehr an die man sich nicht erinnert.

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Danke dir @Gerrit für die Info mit dem nicht mehr funktionierenden Link. Werde ich heute noch beheben.
Die Makros für Yoink habe ich ein wenig überarbeitet und angelehnt an PopClip.
Ich mache Dir eine Videoanleitung und schicke Dir dann auch die Makros.

Thank you @Gerrit for the info with the broken link. I will fix it today.
The macros for Yoink have been reworked a little bit and are based on PopClip.
I make you a video instruction and send you then also the macros.