Send iMessage

I am responsible for a weekly meeting with a group (26) of youth, ages 16-18. I like to send the members of the group individual text reminders of the meeting containing details of that weeks particular meeting. Sometimes that reminder includes a zoom link sometimes it doesn’t. Once I send the reminder to the youth I also send the same message, with a modified signature, to the parents (36) of those youth letting them know that their child has been reminded of the meeting. There is then a third reminder sent to the small group (5) of adult leaders that assist with the meeting.

I had tried using other apps (Group Me, Whats App, etc…) and I just do not like them. I have the best results / attendance by sending out individual texts to the attendees, their parents and the adult leaders that help with the meeting. I have tried several other texting solutions but find they are time consuming and I am looking for something quicker.

I believe this will work but…
1. I would like some feedback from you experts (I have learned a lot from this forum, thank you) as to wether or not there is a better way to accomplish this than what I have below.
2. By not using the “Contact” drop down field and just placing a contact number in the “Send to:” field will “Warning: Messages sometimes sends to the wrong person!” still be an issue?

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated...

Send Text Reminders.kmmacros (17.5 KB)