Send "magic packet" to utilize Wake On LAN?

Hi good folks,

Anyone here who has had success in using KM to send the so-called magic packet to another computer on a network to wake it up? I've looked around and I'm not finding any straight forward approaches.


Are you currently doing it some other way? We could likely use Keyboard Maestro to automate your current solution.

If not, this Stack Exchange post suggests it can be done with a simple Python script, and there are other solutions in that thread pointing to ready-made programs you can download through Homebrew or MacPorts. Any of these solutions could be automated with the Execute a Shell Script action.

Not using anything atm. It's a new setup, so the first time I've had to do this in this context. The wakeonlan terminal utility via homebrew seems like a solution, combined with a KM execute script action :+1:t2: Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi again. Can confirm that this solution works great.