Send Mail Message Not Opening New Mail Window


We have several Macs running High Sierra and recently added a new Mac running Catalina to the office. We have a macro that we have shared for sending invoices to customers that has worked great. However, when we try to run that macro on the new Mac, a new message window fails to open. If Mail is closed, it will open when that step of the macro is executed. The other thing we noticed is that inside of the Send Mail Message action only default is available in the "From" field.

I imagine that we have probably just overlooked a checkbox someplace. Would somebody please point us in the right direction?

Thanks for the help!

Is the window:

  • created in the foreground (unlikely given that you're asking this Q)
  • created in the background but not brought to the front (this is how my computer does it)
  • not created at all?

It's not created at all.

Our other computers, like yours, create the new window in the background, not brought to the front.


My guess would be you haven't enabled Automation permissions for Keyboard Maestro to control Mail.

Thank you, Peter.

You're right. I missed that one little checkbox.

Everything works great now.

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