Send midi Note On message to an external midi device?


I have managed to create the correct macro and it all works fine per the Midi Monitor app. My issue is that I have been unable to find a way to use that with an external device. How do I send this macro Note On message from my Mac to an external midi device to be triggered?

I should add that I have a USB midi interface connected to my computer and the external midi device is connected to that.

Thank you for your help!

Bump. Hoping to get an answer for this. Thanks!

Keyboard Maestro simply sends the MIDI note to the system, you then need other software to direct that MIDI note.

There is an app, maybe its Audio MIDI Setup, maybe something else, I'm not sure, I don't really use MIDI myself, that lets you configure where MIDI things go.

But it's not something Keyboard Maestro controls.

Thanks for the reply @peternlewis. For the record if anyone is looking to do the same, Bome Midi Translator Pro (not audio midi setup) in conjunction with KM, will make it happen!

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Hello @syra can you maybe explain a little how to do this with Bome? Thank you

Hey @musasoy first you have to make a midi macro in KM and then in Bome where you pick an input for a midi command, choose KM (since you’ve created a midi macro it will now appear as a midi input). Continue in Bome by selecting your desired output and command, and you’re good to go.

@syra Thank you for the answer I downloaded Bome's Midi Translator and it worked, although I find it a bit cumbersome (and quite expensive) just to be used as a "midi bridge", so I tried another app called MidiPipe (it's freeware with donation option) with this app I managed to create a Keyboard Maestro macro triggered by my Behringer X-Touch Mini (Midi CC device) and Keyboard Maestro sends a CC to TouchOSC (Midi iOS soft control surface) so now I can use TouchOSC on my old iPad Mini to behave as a HUD (and controller) for whatever I'm doing with my macros in Keyboard Maestro.

I use Keyboard Maestro to control software with my Midi devices. Before KM I used controllermate but it's no longer supported in Mac OS Catalina (64bit), and Bome's Midi Translator can do the same and act directly as a controller using midi devices but I don't like it as much as KM, discovering KM possibilities has led me to a hole new level of automation.

I just wished that KM had better Midi management (more options) and OSC compatibility it would kill all the other options and reduce the number of apps that I have to use to have my desired workflow.

Nice tip on the free midi app. And I agree on everything you said. KM needs more midi capability.

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What OSC compatibility does Keyboard Maestro not have?

You can detect arbitrary packets (and hence OSC packets) with the MIDI trigger and you can send arbitrary packets (and hence OSC packets) with the Send MIDI Packet action.

OSC is too variable to support natively in Keyboard Maestro in any more direct manner.

What specifically are you wanting to do that you cannot (keeping in mind that I have almost zero understanding of OSC or the MIDI protocol).

Hi! I know this is an old post - but to answer Peter's question; the one thing I would personally like to see is for Keyboard Maestro to be able to send midi out to a device, so that you can control an external midi device.

At the moment, although technically it has a "Send Midi" action, that won't really go anywhere without some extra software. So it would be great if there's a way of selecting the device to send to (like you can with the input).

The workaround of using Bome or similar sounds good, and I'll try it. MidiPipe sound good, too - thanks for the tip. I'm wondering whether BetterTouchTool might do this, too; and will investigate.

But for my use case, software like Bome is very overkill, as I'm really just using Midi to automate a device (being able to control mic volume and mute on conference calls, and sending those changes back to the fader, to move it).


Yes, it would be great if you can add that Peter!

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I just spent some time messing around with SendMidi and I'm now able to send midi messages to any port I like. This example sends a program change to a guitar pedal to change its preset.

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