Send Ticker to MAIN window


Ok, so I have a challenging ask for anyone that would like to help.

In my TOS Java stock trading program, I have two monitors open.

On the left monitor I have a 2x2 grid with a total of 6 charts.
Each CELL in the grid has a ticker window at top left populated with a ticker (i.e. STOCK3)

On the right monitor I have my MAIN window with order flow and that's where orders are executed.
This window also has a ticker window at top left to type in a ticker. TOS refers to this as the "symbol entry" or "symbol selector" box.

Here is the workflow I'd like to have in place:

  1. I hover the cursor on any CELL in 2x2 grid (let's say CELL 3)
  2. Trigger: Hotkey
  3. Action: Send ticker (STOCK3) in top left of CELL 3 to MAIN ticker box

I know that "move mouse" commands are generally a last resort so I'd like to get this done with a script.
This is a Java program.

There is also a right click menu in TOS that accomplishes this workflow that could perhaps be scripted to a hotkey trigger. It goes like this:

  1. Click on "Symbol Actions Icon" on "Chart Header"
  2. Mouse over "Send STOCK3 to"
  3. Click on [3] BLUE (this is the MAIN window ticker box)

I have included pictures to better illustrate the desired workflow automation:

Any ideas on how to map this workflow to a hotkey?
Thanks in advance.