Sending Commands to a PC with Keyboard Maestro

I know: get a Mac! I'm on Mac happily but for a special project I am doing some demo things on a Windows PC.

I have a need to quickly activate specific apps on that machine. Can anyone think of a way that KM could somehow trigger that?

This can work if the PC is actually a virtual machine running on a Mac.

I have to occasionally work on a PC due to one App only working on PC and not Mac.

So, I have a virtual PC via Parallels.

As Parallels is a Mac App, Keyboard Maestro talks to it fine and also to the specific PC App.

In my case it’s an actual PC as it has some software/hardware stuff that can’t run virtualized. Was thinking some sort of SSH command that a PC would accept across the local network.

Hey Noah,

Keyboard Maestro would have to have a full understanding of Windows to be able to control it.

That ain't going to happen in this lifetime.

You need something like AutoHotkey that groks the PC and happens to be free.

Although the learning curve is pretty steep, I think you could launch apps without having to jump through too many hoops.

And there are other automation systems for Windows of course.