Sending PDF attachment in email to a list

Hello, New user here and very inexperienced. I did look for this question through forum and couldn't find what I was looking for.

Goal: I'm trying to find a quicker way to email bi-weekly compensation reports to employees. 20 different pdf downloads and 20 different email address where it needs to be sent.

Pre KM - I'd have to download each PDF from the software where is is generated, save it somewhere on my desktop and then create an email for employee #1 attach the PDF and send it off. Then on to #2. and repeat. A bit of a time suck.

Thanks to this group (and the use of Hazel to sort the PDF's and rename them) I was able to put together a Macro that watches a folder where the PDF ends up, grabs the PDF and sends it to the right person. ( I have pre-address the email address in the macro). It then moves the PDF to another folder.

So right now, 20 employees means 20 watch folders, all individually pre-addressed and sent out. It works for my simple macro creating skills. However, I'm wondering if there's an even faster way.

I can't escape having to download the PDF reports from the software. I think that part is too finicky for KM to do for me.

But If I can get all the PDF's re-named with the name of the employee into a folder and I also have the employee emails all stored on some kind of list ( I read people use text edit or a numbers or excel spread sheet for this purpose - so recommendation here please) .

Is there a way I can use the one watch folder Macro below ( instead of the 20 I use now) with additional actions in the Macro to have KM can swap in the right email addresses ( which it grabs from the list) and attach the corresponding employees PDF from that watch folder and then send it off?

Below is the Macros i'm using (again thanks again to this group)

I've left the the file path's blank but I understand what goes in those for my purposes.

I'm ok with the answer " this is too complex or doing this above your head" because it will probably be. I don't know anything about Apple Script -btw - not a programmer ' coder - just a guy trying to figure out stuff. Just learned about Apple shortcuts and Automator this week!

But I sense people in this group enjoy problem solving and maybe it can help someone else as well to have this out there if someone has the answer.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Comp Report Macro.kmmacros (3.7 KB)