SentinelOne Security Software Disables Keyboard Maestro Engine


I downloaded the trial of Keyboard Maestro to run shortcuts in my audio DAW. The engine is unable to launch at all when looking at the contents of Keyboard the engine is crossed off and unable to launch the error it turns back is the following:

2022-02-16 19:56:55.079 Keyboard Maestro[5604:176830] KMApplication::LaunchEngine error Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=259 "The application “Keyboard Maestro” could not be launched because it is corrupt." UserInfo={NSURL=file:///Applications/, NSLocalizedDescription=The application “Keyboard Maestro” could not be launched because it is corrupt., NSUnderlyingError=0x60000105c0c0 {Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=-10827 "kLSNoExecutableErr: The executable is missing" UserInfo={NSURL=file:///Applications/}}}

I have uninstalled and reinstalled KM twice first using the default Mac uninstall and the next using an app cleaner to verify all files were removed.

I am running an M1 Mac on Monterey 12.1

You did a lot of good things there.

  1. In your log it says both "is corrupt" and "is missing." I'm not sure which one to believe. Could you browse to that location to see if it's there?
  2. Have you ever had KM working on that Mac before?
  3. Have you tried running in Safe Mode? (Scratch that idea. It probably won't help.)
  4. Have you tried running Disk First Aid? (Other people have had similar errors and it was a HDD corruption problem.)

It almost sounds like maybe your installation app is corrupt. Try re-downloading from

If these ideas don't work, I probably can't help. I'm just an average Joe here.

Thanks for all the ideas, I have had any form of KM on this Mac before. The file is not " missing" it exists within the contents of the It just won't seem to launch.

I tried downloading an older version of KM but it seems not matter which one I download my Engine is unable to launch. I'm going to try the disk first aid and see if that helps me out. However, it is odd that only the engine file seems to get corrupt.

I'm out of ideas, but I think you must try MacOS's Disk First Aid. A couple of indicators seem to suggest that this may be the problem/solution.

I have seen this caused by badly behaved security software. Specifically I know Sentinel (whatever its caused) thinks Keyboard Maestro Engine is a problem for whatever weird reason it has.


Wow thank you so much, I do have sentinel one and I didn't even think about that.

Edit: Added it to an exclusion and it worked.


I am having the same problem. SentinelOne has now quarantined the Keyboard Maestro Engine, so Keyboard Mastro is basically broken for me. I cannot add it to an exclusion list, since that's managed by my company. And since I don't expect this large, Windows dominated company to add Keyboard Maestro to the exclusion list, I wonder: is there anything else I or the developers can do to fix this?


Unfortunately no. I have no idea why SentinelOne’s database decides Keyboard Maestro Engine should be quarantined, and my attempts to communicate with them resulted in nothing. So I have no idea how or if the issue could be resolved on my end.


@peternlewis That's too bad. Still, thanks for the quick response.

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So it looks like version 10.0.2 works. I had the same issue.

I have solved this problem.

  1. Download KM version 9.2.
    Stairways Software: Download Links
  2. Install KM 9.2 and then set it.
  3. Click "Check for update..." in the Keyboard Maestro menu bar to update to v10.2.
  4. Everything's gonna be fine.

After a few days that thing quarantined it and now I am on v10.1.1.

I am an administrator for S1. In the portal you have to add an exclusion by the file location or hash. If you are not an administrator you will need to contact your IT dept that administers it.

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I am also at a large company. These instructions worked for me. Thanks, @lark !


I'm having this problem too. Also with KM version 11 that has just been released. It is quarantined by Sentinel One almost immediately.

Version 10.1.11 is the latest version I found that works and is not quarantined.