Set "app-specific" hot key without affecting other apps that use the same built-in shortcut?

I'd like to set a Hot Key (arrow key) for Chrome without affecting its built-in functionality in another application. How do I do that?

Create a folder in the left column of Keyboard Maestro ("Groups") using the + key the bottom of the left column.

When created, the right pane will show "Available in All Applications".

Change to "Available in These Applications"

Click the + icon right underneath.

Select Chrome.

Might be easier to see than explain:


Thanks for taking the time to illustrate it with a video!

I'll give it a try. My challenge is, I share these macros with a group of 5 other users and have been maintaining them in a single group to make sharing easier. Have shied away from using the Sync feature since I maintain several other groups for personal use.

There is another way.

You can use an IF/ELSE, check to see if Google Chrome is front-most, and if it is, do whatever you want, otherwise, just send the arrow key.

Here's an example using the Up Arrow:

I think that'll work better in my case. I was trying something similar but did not think to "pass" the keystroke on if Chrome was not at front. Thanks!

This may work, but unless I'm mistaken, it's not recommended. Here's a reply from @peternlewis that I hope explains it a little: Intercept command then exit back to original app.