Set Desktop Image to Variable Screen?

I recently started using the variable feature to determine display via variable (since my configurations involve multiple monitors that change) and use that variable to move windows so KM knows which display I mean regardless of my current configuration.

Is there any plan or would it be very difficult to implement "in screen with variable" and then a variable text box appears for the Set Desktop Image command?

Thank you.

Am I understanding correctly, and you want to set the desktop image for a particular screen? If so, the action already offers you a couple of options -- you can set the image on the screen your pointer is on, or you can use the screen's index. There more info on the Wiki.

Thank you, but I was wishing to set that via variable the same way I can move a window to a particular screen (that might change based on different arrangements) with a variable.

The index might change depending on my configuration at a given moment, but if I can set a variable to set the name (which I currently do) that would be great. So for instance when certain devices are connected I might have a certain display's variable string set to "second" or "third" which keyboard maestro then correctly interprets in the manipulate a window actions.

The "Screen with index" spinner's field is actually a "Calculation" field -- that's more obvious if you type in something that's not a number. So you can use a variable in there:


You can't use "second" or "third" but you could convert your text to the appropriate number -- the easiest way is with the SCREENINDEX() function. So if you've set your variable (in this case Local_screenName) to "Main":


Oh okay, this should work then! Thanks you so much!