Set Google Chrome Checkbox and Variable

I am trying to use KM to set to checked hundreds of checkboxes on a payment site by using a variable within the Set Google Chrome Checkbox action - Set checkbox field. But this field does not seem to accept variables (or clipboards). When I attempt to test, I receive an action failed error message. When I try saving the macro the variable portion shows up blank. Is this a technical limitation or am I missing something?

Here is the field:


When I save the macro, I see this:


My macro setup:

  1. Set variable COUNT based on the lines of checkboxes (they are numbered sequentially on the website).

  2. Repeat action COUNT times, where the action is checking the boxes in reverse sequence until all checkboxes below the COUNT variable are checked. I am using Set Variable COUNT to Calculation COUNT-1

Hey John,

These actions work perfectly well for me on this test page.

NOTE – These are ACTIONS and will load in the macro currently being edited.

Download ⇢ Keyboard Maestro Actions.kmactions (711 B)

It's difficult to tell where your fault is occurring without being able to directly test.