Set KM Action colour


When the KM Editor is open and the focus is on an action, this macro allows the action colour to be changed either by using the Macro Palette or using CTL+0, !, 2..8. CTL+9 shows The Top Level Palette

Call the Palette with Status menu option else CTL+9

Show KM Action colours and cribsheet VIEW IN KM EDITOR !! no need to run it, but you can take your own screenshot if needed.JGL Set KM Action colour Macros.kmmacros (36.8 KB)

The containing macro group should ONLY be active in Keyboard Maestro

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This will probably overwrite version 1.00 on your PC.

Version 1.06 attachedJGL Set KM Editor Action colour macros v1_06 .kmmacros (371.2 KB)

Version History...

1.06 CTL+§ brings up Cribsheet. Changed Macro group to JGL....

Changed clipboard to be loaded from Image rather than file.

1.05 Tidied up help, and display of colour palette

1.04 Display help with CTL + /. (lowercase ?).

1.03 Made AQUA Highlight/Separator, and TEAL Temporary colours

1.02 Added Alert to Show KM action colours as it not meant to be executed. ????

1.01 Updated README for

The containing macro group should ONLY be active in Keyboard Maestro.

1.00 Release 08/04/2020 19:39:19


As the creator of multifarious spaghetti-like macros this one at last provides me the means to bring order and clarity to my chaos. There’s now no excuse* for me to not use coloured actions to make my macros vastly more readable and transparent.

Thank you @jonathonl

*Footnote: the only excuse I have now is pure laziness!


Good stuff gents! Similar to what I've been doing.

Last year, when I got my Streamdeck, I began to make more of an effort to add comments/directions, to my macros, and added colors to many of my most used actions - like the mentors @DanThomas & @JMichaelTX do. I don't know who I learned it from first but it was one or both of them.

I just made macros to do it all in one button press.

I probably have 25 of these.





I blame @appleianer for getting me away from using hotkeys in favor of palettes using BetterTouchTool (and now buttons).

Thanks for sharing your workflows.


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Latest version 2.00 published here

JGLp [KM Editor] Set KM Editor Action colour Macros v2 00 .kmmacros (357.3 KB)


Title: KM AC Edit Action Colour README
Version and Last Update: 10Jun2020 19:38 Wed v2.00

Written by: Jonathon Lewys ©2020
Acknowledgements: Peter N Lewis and the Keyboard Maestro Forum.
Disclaimer: Caveat Utilitor applies. See Version History for explanation.

When the KM Editor is open and the focus is on an action, this macro allows the action colour to be changed either by using the KME AC Macro Palette Group or using CTL+0, 1, 2..8

CTL+0= None, CTL+1=Red,……. CTL+4=Green etc
CTL+9 shows The KME AC Macro Palette Group (also available via Status Menu)
COC+§ shows the KME: Action Colour Palette Group

README/HELP and Version History via Action Colour Palette Group

JGLp [KM Editor] Set KM Editor Action colour

Uses a named clipboard to save CribSheet image.

CTL+0 to CTL+9, CTL+OPT+CMD+§, KM Status menu

Global Variables:

Global Clipboards:
JGL in KME Set Action Colour options (used for cribsheet)

Test environment: Keyboard Maestro 9.05 and Mojave

Installation notes:
Install Macro Group JGLp [KM Editor] Set KM Editor Action colour
Make sure MacroGroup is only available in Keyboard Maestro Editor

Quick start:
Install macro group as above
Open Keyboard Maestro Editor
Select any action
Try CTL+1… etc
Select Action Colour Palette Group via KM Status Menu

None needed, but you can

a: Change number of actions listed in Status Menu
b: Create your own cribsheet by customising 99)...99 KM Action colours example NOT FOR EXECUTION view in KM Editor 99 and then copy the image to the Named Clipboard

Example usage:


Thanks a lot for this!!!
Was looking exactly to do it but could have never succeeded to create anything similar!
Thank you!!!

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