Set variable error in safari

Hi all

using EL CAP latest…

I tried to set var to safari field but go an error - javascript setting in safari xxx ??? but could not read whole thing???

How do I fix this to not fail?


set value to…

also same probme with chrome

That’s not how you get a variable into an Execute a JavaScript in Safari action.

See this recent post:


Thanks so much for your help ccstone

It looks like that thread - sets a field in a safari form.

What I would like is just to set the clipboard to the current safari page TITLE & URL

The error I was getting in the logs was :

DoJavaScript failed Safari got an error: You must enable the ‘Allow JavaScript from Apple Events’ option in Safari’s Develop menu to use ‘do JavaScript’.

I do not see : Allow JavaScript from Apple Events in my enabled debug menu…

You should be able to do this using the standard Safari tokens:


Thanks much I will try this!

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It’s not in the debug menu – it’s in the Develop menu.

See the Advanced Settings panel in Safari’s prefs.