Setting a Chrome Login from a Keychain Password?

Hi Everyone!

I am writing for some help with the task of dumping a keychain password into a password field on a (Google Chrome) login page.

Here is what I have so far. I also have a few questions/need clarification on a couple of things. Thank you in advance. I'm a newbie & I am trying to learn.

  1. For A, where/how do I determine what the name of the variable is? Is this something that I pull from the source code of the login page?
  2. For B, I assume that this is the name of the password (for the website) that is stored in my keychain, correct?
  3. For C, where/how do I determine what to put here? Is this something that I pull from the source code of the login page?
  4. For D, I assume I leave this untouched, although I don't really understand what it does.

@peternlewis @gglick

Hey Greg,

  1. For "Set Variable" actions like this, you determine the variable's name for yourself. It can be named whatever you like. Just make sure to reference the variable by the same name you give it here later in the macro, or the macro will think you mean a different variable and not work as intended.

  2. Correct.

  3. If you click this little dropdown here:

you'll get a list of all the fields in the currently open web page that can be used to populate this action. If that doesn't work, or it's not clear which one to use from the names shown, you can right click on the field in question, select "Inspect", then copy the field's XPath from the resulting web inspector and paste it here to pull it from the login page's source code. You can search the forum for "xpath" for examples of this if you're not sure how to go about that.

  1. I don't think you need this action at all, and can probably delete it from the macro with no repercussions.