Setting clipboard style to bold, italic vs just strikeout and underline

I can see there’s a way to change the clipboard’s underline and strikeout properties … but I can’t seem to find a way to change the clipboard’s bold or italic properties. Am I missing something?

Bold and Italic are properties of the font, so you can set the clipboard to be a specifically bold or italic font, but you cannot (currently) set it to bold or italic the existing font.

I may be missing something, but this doesn’t seem possible. The font popup just gives a choice of face, not fonts. For instance, take a look at Helvetica – no bold or italic in the menu.

Whoops. I was missing something: first you have to select the face, then you get a choice of fonts that was previously not visible. Maybe that second menu should be visible all the time?

But normal applications do this somehow. Granted you can’t get all the faces of a font that has more than just regular/bold/italic/bold italic, but the system probably provides a way to select among those choices.

You can adjust the style of the text to any Typeface of any Family, eg Helvetica Bold, as you note, if the Family has multiple Typefaces, then they are selectable.

You cannot currently simply select “Bold” and have the base Family unchanged. Presumably it is possible to do at some level, but it is not currently possible to do with the Apply Style action - you can set the Family and Typeface, but not the variation by itself.