Setting Macro or Macro Group to only work within a specific application or screen area?

I created a macro that uses image recognition features. Somtimes, if I'm running a youtube video or anything else, sometimes the image will get recognized elsewhere.

Instead of going through changing all the screens in each macro action, is it possible to just set the macro or its group to only work in a certain area or application?

Click on the group that contains your macro and look at its Group Settings pane on the far-right. Here, you can set the group to be available only when the applications of your choice are in focus.

Oh! I misunderstood that feature. If I keep my application of my choice and browser split screened, it would only detect images inside the application of focus?

I thought the word "available" just meant the macro is executable

I'm a bit unsure what you're asking.

Here are the group settings for my Brave browser group:


This means that macros contained within the group will only be available for execution when Brave is the front application.

This does not account for which Brave window is in focus. If, for example I want a particular macro not to be triggered if the front browser window's url contains "", I would do this:

Yeah, that makes sense. I think the problem I'm incurring with that setting (which I have enabled regardless), is that the macro action that's being triggered is clicking outside of the main application I want it to click on. This is because the macro action is "Click on Found Image", and even if the appropriate application is focused, it can still find the image anywhere on the screen.

I think my only choice is to go through each of the image-based macro actions I have an make them all be searched for in the specific application I want.

Could you post screenshots the kind of images you're trying to find and the window configuration they're in? With a bit more information, I'm sure we can find a solution for you.

When I am searching for a Browser window image this is my normal setup:

  • Activate Browser
  • Test URL
  • Search for image in "front window's screen"