Setting my 'Save To' path (for PDF creation in Finale)

Dear KM people,

I'm using a KM macro to generate PDF's for different band parts in Finale (music software), however I'm getting stuck in Finale when it comes to allocating the 'save location' for the PDF; ie Finale doesn't always save the PDF in the location where the default Finale file (with the same name) is.

I would like to use KM to overcome this issue, however I'm not quite sure of the correct action/actions? I thought I could perhaps get KM to:

  1. determine the exact name of the Finale file I am working on,
  2. find the folder where the Finale file is located, and then
  3. save to that same path/folder?

With that said, I'm not sure of the exact actions required to do what I have suggested above. Could anyone be of assistance here?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Best regards,
Andrew Harrison