Setting the Found Image Screen to "front window's screen" when not attached to an external display

I tend to do a fair bit of macro development on my laptop when it is disconnected from my external displays. However, I tend to run my macros mostly when connected to my external displays.

I frequently use the "front window's screen" option for found images. Yet, that option does not seem to be available when I am not connected to an external display.

Is there a way to force this as an option in the macro editor?


The suggestions towards the end of this thread might perhaps be useful: Using KM with remote access to a headless Mac.

Like @Nige_S in that thread, I wondered whether a dummy display dongle might be worth trying – or maybe even software such as BetterDisplay (which used to be called "BetterDummy").

Next time you have your external display connected, make a new temporary macro and add one of each of the image detection actions you use. Set them up as you want, including the "front window's screen" option, then add each to your Favourites. Then disconnect your external and see if those Favourited actions retain that setting when you add them to a new macro.