Setting the trigger key trouble

Hi. I noticed the following trouble during assigning the trigger key. Until now, when I was assigning the key (This device key) it was displayed as: Magic Keyboard F1. Now it displays as: Magic Keyboard #58, which means I can't search for macros by the trigger key. The problem appeared after pairing the keyboard with a new computer because I change to a 16" macbook pro. What's more - this error also occurs on the old computer. To check what is wrong I installed KM on a completely different, third computer with a different Magic Keyboard and the device key displays as Magic Keyboard F1. So I connected my Magic Keyboard to the third computer and the key appears as Magic Keyboard #58. Resetting bluetooth device settings, removing all bluetooth devices does not work. When I added my keyboard to a new computer, a message saying more or less appeared, that the keyboard code is incorrect. Turning the keyboard off and on made it connect properly. Where could the problem be? How can I reset these settings so that Keyboard Maestro shows me the key correctly?

Another thing. After transferring Keyboard Maestro with all settings to a new computer, I have to reassign each key even though it is for the same Magic Keyboard. Can it be avoided somehow? I have 750 macros assigned. Setting this one by one will be at least strange.

This problem also applies to the apple wired keyboard, which I have only one.

Sorry, I broke the name collection for regular USB devices like keyboards when I fixed the naming for PI devices in 9.0.4. Sigh. It will be fixed in 9.0.5. Note that this only affects the naming of the device keys as displayed, it does not affect the behaviour of the keys in action as triggers. Also note that the name is only read when the key is set, so existing triggers with the correct key will remain correct, and any new ones will have to be reset in 9.0.5 (when it is released) (or 9.0.3 if you want to revert now).

Unfortunately, device keys vary unpredictably. They can vary between system versions as well. There is no way to determine which keys will vary or how.

Why do you have so many USB Device Keys? Generally that should be a trigger of last resort for the regular keyboard. Hot keys are almost always better solutions, except in the rare case where you want to detect a key and not affect its behaviour.

Thank you Peter. That message solved my huge problem. :blush:

This is my Macro Keyboard which is built on the basis of Magic Keyboard. Generally, the functionality of each key has been removed using BetterTouchTool and then a macro was assigned using Keyboard Maestro. It is true that this is not the best solution, but so far KM does not provide any solution for "unbinding" key functionality, such as typing the letter "A" when the a key "A" is pressed.

Since BTT allows this option, maybe KM in the future version could also offer such behavior? In BTT, I simply assign "no action" to a given key

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I'm liking the panic button. I'm confused as to why the second keyboard registers differently to the first keyboard though?

I set the trigger using USB Device Key Trigger. Each device is recognized separately. Then, using BTT, I removed the native action from the button on this device (Magic Keyboard), e.g. entering the letter "A" after pressing the "A" key. Then the "A" key on the Magic Keyboard starts the macro, and the "A" key on other keyboards types letter "A"

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That makes sense. Thanks for your patience in explaining it again after having already written it above (now that I read your OP slowly...)

First I thought: what a cool use for an extra keyboard! I've got one of those…
Then I thought: hey wait, didn't I spend a couple of days some time ago setting up Keymand on the iPad to do this for me? Which allows customized dashboards for each application? (Specific setups for many applications) What happened with that?
Then I did: connect my iPad, fired up Keymand, performed all of the necessary upgrades and permision-resets
Then I saw: Keymand has lost my entire configuration for all those apps!! (Catalina?)
Then I thought: what a cool use for an extra keyboard! I've got one of those…

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