Setting Up a Macro to Switch Quickly Between My Various Google Chrome Profiles

So I have four primary Chrome PROFILES, all with their own Google log ins.

Each for my four companies.

Now it is a three-click process to switch between one to another.

Can I automate that, please?

Grateful for any help, please.

Can you use different Chromium-based browsers instead of different Chrome groups? I use multiple browsers for my different accounts (main, University, client service logins, etc.).


Do you mean profiles?

Yes, thanks. "Profiles" is the correct term.

I could, sure.

But I'm not unhappy with the system I have. I'm just trying to make switch profiles a bit easier.

Thanks for your note.

Maybe a palette would help? There you can see your profiles and select them with one click or a shortcut.

I do not use chrome, but I see there is a dedicated menu for the profiles. So you can use this action

to create e. g. this palette


here you can change the profiles with the mouse or use the triggers 1, 2, 3, 4.

Or do I misunderstand what you want? :slightly_smiling_face:

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You are very kind, FrankB, thanks.

Let me give that a try.

thanks again

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@FrankB is correct. I have Chrome and I can switch among my profiles using a "select or show a menu" action.


Thanks Devoy. Really appreciate it.
I'll give it a try.