Settings...Applications Palette will not stay on

Is there a way to make the "Show Applications Palette" persist? I frequently have to open settings and reactivate. On a related note, does it deactive every time the applications palette gets closed (by me or an automatic process like reboot)? If so, is there a way to activate it by macro? (Earlier posts in 2020 said no.)

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Ok, so I have never once used the Applications Palette, so this may or may not be helpful, but when you say...

...are you referring to the action? (click to expand/collapse to see a screenshot of said action)

Either way, the Application Palette Actions wiki page might shed some light on it. There is definitely a way to show/hide/toggle it. I would imagine if you have it set to show from the KM Editor preferences window, it should appear on boot up and login. So if it’s disappearing, perhaps you are closing it manually, or via a macro?

Your demonstration of the action is what I was looking for and may be a newer feature. I have not discovered what I may be inadvertently doing to inactivate the Application Palette, but, with your advice, I added an action to my macro to launch KM, TextExpander, and Hookmark automatically activating the Applications Palette.

If you use no actions related to the Applications Palette, and simple enable it in the Keyboard Maestro preferences, then it should stay open permanently.

Otherwise you can Show/Hide it in the status menu, in the Keyboard Maestro preferences, or with the respective actions (eg the Show Applications Palette action).