Sharing macros across account on the same laptop?

I want to share all my macros between several accounts on the same machine without having to update or copy them each time. What is the best way to do this?

Never tried this but I would have thought that the macros on all accounts should be the same anyway?
But I guess if not, I would have a look at "File/Start Synching" and make a synch file somewhere in "Users/Shared". Then log in with the other account and Start Synching with the file you just created before.
I do this over Creative Cloud across 2 pc's and it works really well.
Hope this helps

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For this instance, maybe @peternlewis could add a Pref to set whether KM used the root Library folder for support files as opposed to the user's Library folder.

Have you tried setting up the standard Macro Syncing in each Mac user account?
If they all point to the same folder (maybe in the /Users/Shared folder), then I would expect changes made in each User account to be sync'd with the other accounts.

Perhaps @peternlewis can confirm.

Different accounts are often different users and would not necessarily want to share macros.

Correct, if you want to sync your macros between accounts, whether on the same Mac or different Macs, use Macro Syncing.

No, it could not, since you can have two accounts active at the same time, this would cause all sorts of problems.