Shopify Auto print

I would like to have an auto print either on my MacBook IOS or on google chrome.

The action should be
PDF is downloaded > the auto print should recognize the file and print the document.

Without me pressing anything or accepting anything at all

Is this possible somehow?
I can send the pdf file here and give you all necessary information to further help resolve this issue.

Some ideas:

  1. Use the Folder trigger (KM Wiki), check for the extension of the file, and print if PDF.
  2. Do the same with an AppleScript Folder Actions
  3. Use Hazel (which is a great tool for this sort of task, as I understand it)

Let us know if you have any follow-up questions.

Hello JMichaelTX!

So I picked number 3. But I don’t know how to sciprt it to print from the folder i picked?

I can show you pictures of the program.


Edit: I fixed it! its working now.
Thank you once again for the help!

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I might aswell ask you while you’re here.

So every time I’m done with the file I need to export it from pages in to a PDF.

Do you think Its possible to make a command that does the following

“Hotkey” > Export Pages >PDF>Done

Is that possible somehow?

I can show a video of how I do it now.


Your video is way too small to read, but if you can do everything in Pages using the Pages menu, then you can use multiple KM Select or Show a Menu Item action (KM Wiki) to accomplish this.

Thank you! It did exactly what I wanted it to do!

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