Short Cut for Remote Desktop Software

I use Jump Desktop as my remote desktop software.

As I now have several remote desktops open at the same time, I tried to put together a macro that lets me zap from one to the other.

When remote desktops are open under Jump Desktop, the name of each desktop appears under the "window" menu of the application. So I made macro using the "select xxx in the Menu Window in Jump Desktop" function.

Unfortunately, this only works sporadically. How can I find out why it's not working consistently? Or is there a better way of doing this?

I mentioned that the macros worked sporadically. More precisely they work sporadically only within Jump Desktop. When I want to zap from one remote desktop to another, they cannot be relied upon to function. But this only happens within Jump Desktop. Under all other apps they are 100% functional.

I don't know that particular piece of software, but I wonder if the shortcut is sometimes being passed through to the remote destination (which then just ignores it). Does your macro work reliably if the focus is initially on a local application (e.g. click somewhere in the Finder) before you activate the macro?

You could perhaps get your macro to also bring up a notification to indicate that it has definitely been triggered (or check Keyboard Maestro's log, use interactive help or do something else more sophisticated than such quick and dirty "caveman debugging", of course!).

Thanks for that. Yes, I think you might be right in that the shortcut is sometimes being passed to the remote desktop. Notifications appear when the macro works and don't when it doesn't. And as I said, the macro is irreproachable on local apps. Is there any way on constraining the macro to only work locally?

Try splitting it into two actions -- the first to select the Window menu, the second to select the item you want in that menu.

But do you actually need to use the menu item? Have you tried a "Bring Window to Front" action targeting the window title?

There will be a way but I think it may have to be a bit of a hack. :slight_smile:

For example...

Required on each destination machine: Keyboard Maestro or other software that can respond to your shortcuts (when they have been passed through by Jump).

Action on receipt of the shortcut: open the URL for a public Web trigger or remote trigger to activate a macro on the local machine which will move focus away from Jump (e.g. hide it or switch away from it) and then send Jump the original key command again.

:grimacing: Hmm, there must be a better way..!

Does Jump Desktop provide any hotkeys/shortcuts that could be included at the start of your macro? For example, a key combination that: exits from Jump; or pauses Jump; or cycles to another connection window... Look for anything that Jump does not pass through to the destination.

You could also intercept a key combination with Karabiner Elements or a keyboard that uses QMK.