Short/Long press actions … for Dummies (like me)

Many KM experts have created excellent macros for short/long press actions and made them available to other users. For this they deserve great thanks. Macros that a normal mortal could never set up himself. Sometimes it is even difficult to adapt one of these templates for your own purposes.

I use these macros too. To be exact, I used these macros too.

Then I was shown how easy it could be to set them up in an other way. So easy that I can even do it myself.

I do not want to withhold this from you.

Short press action

Long press action

Built in 30 seconds and I understand what I'm doing.

Can you clarify what those screenshots are of?

Come on, noisneil, you're a pro :slight_smile:

Lol. Honestly I don't know what that is. Is it an action? A preference? A custom thing?

:innocent: It does what your short/long press macro does, and triggers whatever action. Either with a modifer (eg. cmd + j) or just "j". The difference is that it is quite easy to set up.

@Frankb You already explained what it DOES, but not what it IS.

Can you post a macro that does this so I can see it?

Don't leave me in suspense dude. That's just cruel! :joy:

I would never be cruel to you. How could I, you have helped me so many times. :slight_smile:

It's not a macro, they are just sliders that determine how long a key is pressed. This is just one of many examples of how other software gets better and more user friendly. Not from year to year, but from month to month. How many young people start using a computer every day? Many. And how many of them want to build complicated macros if they can have the same very easily? Hm. None of my business, but it hurts me … for KM. And you know exactly which app I am talking about :innocent:
Things can change quickly. Ask Nokia.

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Ohhhh it's a different app... BTT? Never used it myself, so I can only guess.

Yeah that looks a lot simpler!

"But I do want to withhold any details about what it is". :joy:

There's no rule about discussing other products here. If you know of an app that does this a better way, tell all! Don't be shy!

I am not shy and rules interest me little. It is not about details. It's about the big picture. :sunglasses:

As I said, this is just an example of how simple things could be. Pros like you need hours to build macros in KM for tasks that dummies like me can do in a few seconds with other software. Of course I know that these are „mental exercises“ for you.You love to solve problems, many benefit from this. :slight_smile: I would wish KM to keep doing what it is doing. But that there would be a lot more predefined actions that do complicated things but can also be used by dummies. Others do just that, furiously fast and if KM doesn't do it.... ask Nokia. :rofl: :joy:

I'm certainly not a pro. :joy:

I admit, I'd love it if this were integrated into KM's trigger section, but I'm sure there's a very good reason it hasn't been. Maybe one day it will be, but for now I'm pretty happy with the way my multi-press macros work, and they'll work for anyone; even a dummy like you!

Just kidding!! You're a very smart chap. :grimacing:

Sorry, sometimes I have family obligations, then I can not immediately write back.

I can return the compliment :slight_smile:

And your macros are great! :+1: No doubt about it. But because you're smart, you know you're solving problems that would never have arisen if KM wasn't so complicated. It's like the fire department extinguishing a fire that it started itself. Not you, KM. An artificial world that revolves around itself.... until it stops revolving.

There is a reason. But I doubt that this reason is "very good". And even if ... no one cares.

I'm afraid that could be too late. By the way, what are you actually going to do if the "Nokia day" comes for KM? No more fires you can put out :joy:

Well the way I look at it, sometimes you want an F1 car and sometimes you need a tank. They're both good at different things. The consensus seems to be the KM is more flexible, but I can't comment as I don't have BTT.

I know you don't ask these things in a forum, but where are you from? Just roughly ... I live in Switzerland, why shouldn't I say that?

Nah it's fine. I'm in London.

Nice. I have a good friend in London.

And flexibility is good if you recognize it and can use it. With KM, both are difficult... You (all) should definitely try this other app. It's an eye opener :slight_smile:

Is it BTT or not? :joy:

Where did you learn to read minds?

Floating windows are very useful, but most app don't have this feature integrated. And known it only works if an app does it for its own windows. Yes, that's what everyone says. But with this other app you can make almost any window float. You realize I want to make you curious :joy:

Or cycling, one shortcut to cycle between different actions, soon in both directions ... i'll stop now :slight_smile:

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Ok ok ok ok ok. I'll download the demo. :joy:

:innocent: One last thing. You like shortcuts, don't you? What if fn was a modifier (like all others) for shortcuts? Or a shortcut is not cmd + a, but cmd + fn, or option + cmd for any action? :innocent:

Ahaaaa I've got you there! I don't use shortcuts! I use a Stream Deck! :crazy_face: