Short/long press actions made easy

Especially for noiseil, the artist of short/long press macros. As often said, your macros are great. But are you aware that since KM v10 it is possible to set a trigger to "is long pressed"? I wasn't.

Anyway, combined with "is tapped" (not "is pressed"), this makes it very easy to set up two macros short/long press with the same shortcut, or even with only one/the same letter.

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Yep, I'm aware. It's not a fully realised idea, IMHO.

  • You can't specify hold or inter-tap time.
  • You can't have separate outcomes for different numbers of taps. In other words, if you have single and double tap triggers, double tapping will trigger the macro twice; once on the single tap and again on the double.
  • Even if multi-taps were separable, you'd still have to set a trigger for each variation and then decipher them within the macro. With the method I prefer, you set only two triggers (pressed/released) and you immediately have access to short/long/double/triple/quadruple...

I'm hopeful that the press/tap trigger functionality might still be developed further, negating the need for templates like the ones I use.

Exactly. And your long press macros offer an advantage over the trigger functions. An advantage or at least a difference. They perform on key down. So you can see immediately when the action has been executed. The trigger functions perform on key up (release), after estimating the time needed to execute.