Shortcut for "Force Quit" in Apple menu

Hi there,

I’d like to create a simple shortcut for “Force Quit” which you can manually select from the Apple icon (top left). Currently the default Apple shotcut is cmd + opt + Esc which I find awkward as I have to use two hands.

I’d like to change it to cmd + shift + q which coincidently is another Mac shortcut (Sign out which can also be accessed from the Apple icon).

When I try to map any short cut to cmd + opt + Esc, it doesn’t work and although I know how to select from a menu from within an pplication, I don’t know how or if it’s possible to do it from the Apple icon.

Any ideas?




@Joe_Williams -

I followed your instructions, and it didn't work here either!

Well then, here is a macro to focus on the menu bar.
You can add a few down arrows + return to arrive at Force Quit.

Will that work for you?

"F1" is set in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Keyboard

This works for me.
You will need to add the TRIGGER of your choice.

Seems to work from all apps that I tried.

##Macro Library   Open Apple Force Quit Window (menu) [Example]

<a class="attachment" href="/uploads/default/original/2X/6/6f0d8ce35991feff3db29d25ca59c322aa148bd8.kmmacros">Open Apple Force Quit Window (menu) [Example].kmmacros</a> (1.7 KB)


<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/f/f1194ba421196cbfd6b04d5eb1d93c381fa947bb.png" width="538" height="349">


### AppleScript 

tell application "System Events" to key code 53 using {command down, option down}
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Thanks all. Downloaded JMichaelTX script and it worked like a dream :smile:

Afterwards, I thought it would be good to select all applications, ready to close them all before I shut down the computer. Cmd A didn't select all, so I've uploaded an image in case anyone else finds it of use.

Thanks again and weirdly it's kind of made my day!!

You should not use the "Force Quit" tool if all you want to do is a normal quit of all apps. Just use this Action:

Although the way I suggested allows me to review before closing apps e.g. Ms Words doesn’t autosave very well, so maybe your suggestion might not work as well in my case.

Thanks again for your Macro, it’s very helpful!

Yep, sometimes Outlook 2011 does not close quickly.
So I have this process in my "Sleep" macro:

Evernote and Outlook are the main two apps I have running all the time, but sometimes have difficulty quitting.