Shortcut for MS Word Copy Hyperlink

I have to copy about 100 separate MS Word hyperlinks and paste each one into other blocks of copy each week. I know that I can use the program's contextual menus for this purpose, but the repetiion and the precision needed to navigate the hierarchical menu to reach "Copy Hyperlink" is killing me.

The pasting part is easy because I can just select the new text, Cmd-K and then Cmd-V the already-copied link, but I don't know how to make the copying part easier.

Sorry for the newbie question but I'm not particularly skilled in either KM or Word.

You can edit Word's shortcut keystrokes via the "Tools" menu, then "Customise Keyboard". Select "All Commands" in the "Categories" list then type "webc" in the "Search" -- the command you're looking for is "WebCopyHyperlink". Assign a new keyboard shortcut (⌃⌥H was available for me, and seemed reasonable). Then all you have to do is put the insertion point somewhere in the hyperlink and hit your shortcut.

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This works perfect!

Thank you so much. I had previously looked for Hyperlink Copy and Copy Hyperlink but never thought to look for WebCopyHyperlink.

My shoulder and wrist muscles also thank you for helping to make them less sore.

Hey Colin,

That was easy thanks to @Nige_S... :sunglasses:

One lesson to take from this is to search for the most relevant keyword. Had you only searched for “hyperlink” in All-Commands you'd have found what you were looking for.

Here's another useful thing to know – how to list nearly all possible keyboard shortcuts in Word. See method 1:

That gives you access to Word's search, and you can more easily look for things.


Another great tip! Thank you.