Shortcut to enable/disable multiple macros?

I want to be able to press a shortcut to change if a macro(s) is enabled/disabled. I created the following:

However, if multiple macros are selected, this shortcut doesn't work because the menu item changes:
Does anyone have a workaround/alternate method? Thanks!

Hey @Bobby_Joe,

I'll share something that the superhero solution provider @gglick shared with me. I use a derivative of this in many other areas. Give it a try.

Enable:Disable Macro.kmmacros (4.4 KB)


I appreciate the shout-out, @kcwhat, but I think in this case, the OP is asking for a way to enable and disable the current selection in the KM editor itself. @Bobby_Joe, this is the macro I use as a shortcut for enabling and disabling things in KM. It works for multiple actions and macro groups as well as macros:

Enable:Disable.kmmacros (2.5 KB)


@gglick - Sure. But he did ask for an alternative method. Shrug. I’ll crawl back into the back of the truck and you can drive.

No need to crawl to the back! There's plenty of room in this truck (or maybe it's more like a ship, with Peter charting the course and the rest of us along for the ride, helping fellow passengers out where we can?) for anyone who wants to pitch in :slightly_smiling_face:

Almost got a flat tyre there!

@gglick -- Interesting - where can I read more about the syntax you use here for Menu Item?

That's a regular expression, or regex for short. You can find more info at the KM wiki page, including links to further resources at the bottom:

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