Shortcut to Switch to Full Screen View "Desktop" (Not Named Desktop)?

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I know one can switch to specific desktops (even via Mac prefs and not KM) but how does one assign a key shortcut to switch to a full screen app, that shows on the right of all desktops in mission control?



You can use ⌃⌘F to tell application to switch to or quit full screen.

It seems like an old thread but I'm also looking for a answer and the suggested solution seems to miss the point.

Question: if I click "Full screen" icon when watching a youtube video in Chrome the system auto-creates a separate desktop where my video plays. Can I have a shortcut to switch to this auto-created desktop?

I have several other Chrome windows opened across 3 different desktops.
I can switch to those "regular" desktops by the system Mission Control shortcut: ctrl + number.
Unfortunately, my auto-created "full screen video" desktop is not assigned a number so ctrl + number is not going to work.

But if you've three numbered Spaces and the new one is created after that, can you not Ctrl-3 then Ctrl-rightArrowKey to get to it?

Apple have never really done much with Spaces and automation -- you're stuck with kludgy workarounds like the above most of the time.

Thank you Nige_S for your reply.

Unfortunately, I have many Spaces across multiple monitors.

Can Keyboard Maestro find out the number of Spaces I currently have?
If so, then I could have a macro to trigger Ctrl-LastSpace and then Ctrl-rightArrowKey.
Is that possible?

Apple have never provided the "hooks" that would allow other processes, like AppleScript or Keyboard Maestro, to control or even get information about Spaces.

People who use/care about Spaces have posted some macros on the Forum -- have a search and you might find something useful.

@jantomm As @gglick recently pointed out there is an unbeatable app for managing any kind of Spaces/windows. It's not free, but you might want to check it out. It is really impressive. :slightly_smiling_face:

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