Shortcut to - Type 2 Keys at the same time

Hi. Hoping someone can help me setting up a KM shortcut
so I can press 2 keys - at the same time.

A shortcut to trigger the B Key and Down Arrow.
At the same time.

And a second shortcut to trigger the B Key and Up Arrow.
At the same time.

In Protools, you can press the B Key and the Down Arrow
at the same time.
This will mark an IN point and also separate the clip at that point. While playing a clip.

Doing the same with the B Key and Up Arrow will add another splice and mark an OUT point. Still playing the clip.

I would like to make an F Key, say F13 on an extended keyboard, that triggers the B+Down Arrow.

And the F14 Key to trigger off the B+Up Arrow.

There is no menu item or shortcut in Protools to do this.

I read about using Press and Hold in KM, but don't quite understand.
I tried a few combinations of Press and Hold then Release but I'm not sure what I'm doing. So far I haven't had any success.

Thanking you all and appreciate any help.

I can't test as I don't use PT, but do these work for you?

B↑.kmmacros (21 KB)

Macro screenshot

B↓.kmmacros (20 KB)

Macro screenshot

These hold the B key, press ↑/↓ and then release.

Do you actually want the B key to be held or do you just want both keypresses to be simultaneous?

Thanks so very much Neil! Those macros work perfectly . (I wanted both keys pressed simultaneously.) This has saved me a lot of 2 handed key pressing. Very much appreciated. I also learned from your macros where i was going wrong. Simple as!

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