Shortcuts in HTML prompt?

Is there a way to add shortcuts to HTML buttons, like for example /H in the old-style prompts?

When I have more than one submit-type HTML buttons, is there a way – apart from the button order – to assign one of them to the Return key?

Thanks for any hints.

@Tom: The KM HTML Prompt should respond just like any other HTML page. So you can use whatever HTML/CSS/Javascript code you want.

Yes, I’m not a passionate web developer :pensive: … but I’ll figure out. Thanks.

Ah, OK, I see now: A button doesn’t need to be of type ‘submit’ in order to submit the variables. So my problem is partially solved, with 2× type ‘button’ and 1× type ‘submit’. (Before I had 2× ‘submit’.)

@Tom, I have found that the quickest way for me to learn about a particular HTML/CSS/Javascript feature is to just Google it with one of those 3 keywords. So, like “HTML buttons”.

Well, actually I prefer DuckDuckGo. I try to avoid Google stuff wherever I can (it’s hard enough.) But anyway, thanks for the valuable hint.

To answer the remaining part of my question:

It seems that the accesskey attribute is easiest equivalent of the /<key> notation of the old-style prompt.

That is, a checkbox (or button or whatever) with the attribute accesskey="d" I can toggle with ⌃⌥D

LOL! I think these days “google it” is synonymous with “internet search for it”. Kinda like we used to say “please make a xerox of this”.
By all means, use whatever search engine you prefer.

I have a love/hate relationship with Google. IMO, their search engine is still best in the world. OTOH, I hate the tracking they do of my searches and browsing. But so far, I have not seen a true invasion of privacy from this. Sure the Google ads on web pages are targeted to me, but AFAIK my search and browsing history have NOT been used against me. The Google ads would be on the web page IAC, just not based on my history.

But I love how my browser bookmarks and prefs and search history follow me on all my devices. It makes searching much easier.

OTOH, I’m probably being naive. I should give DDG a try sometime, and compare against Google.

Sorry to get off-track here. Please carry on.

Yeah, pretty sick. We should watch our wording better. I even know people who say “Windows” and mean OS. (They don’t know that there are others.)

But I love how my browser bookmarks and prefs and search history follow me on all my devices.

My bookmarks are also following me without Google. My search history I prefer not to follow me.

I should give DDG a try sometime, and compare against Google.

Here is the link, in case you don’t find it with Google.

Take your time when you check it out, it has some handy features (!Bangs for example.) The search results are sometimes not as good as the ones from Google. But sufficient for 90–95% of my cases.

Sorry to get off-track here. Please carry on.

No problem. I already solved my questions. See the posts above.

Not really sick, just normal when a brand has become so popular and ubiquitous, that it has become the standard:

  • xerox for photocopy
  • kleenex for facial tissue
  • coke for soft drink
  • google for search

However, I NEVER use “windows” for Mac OSX.

Thanks. I made need it.
When I type “DuckDuckGo” in Google Chrome, it auto-corrects it to “Google” :astonished:

LOL! just kidding!

Thanks for explaining. I’m a linguist and as such I’m familiar with the basic mechanics of languages. ‘Sick’ and ‘normal’ are not contradictory, btw.

In the case of “kleenex” it may be harmless, but this kind of language usage helps to establish de-facto standards, which can be detrimental because “the rest of the world” starts fading out of the perception of many people. In the long run not good for the people. Good for Google.

However, I NEVER use “windows” for Mac OSX.

That’s clever.

OK, @Tom, I’m giving DDG a try. I have set it up as my default search engine, and my default page when opening Chrome. If I can’t find something quickly in DDG, then I’ll try Google.

Yes, that’s what I’m doing, too. There is also Startpage, btw. Here is the link :wink: