Shorten Current Safari URL With Droplr – an Imperfect Solution

Shorten Current Safari URL with Droplr – An imperfect solution

I don't know why Droplr's official shorten link extension for Safari doesn't work for me. So I try to use Keyboard Maestro to find an easier solution.

The result is not perfect:

  1. Droplr's icon can be shown in the Dock, so that the menu item can be selected with KM.
  2. Since the input field of Shorten Link is not auto activated, so I have to use the Move and Click action. (yah, I don't like it.)

But anyway, it works for me now, and you guys may need it, too.

Shorten Current Safari URL with Droplr.kmmacros (5.0 KB)

Have you @haohailong tried it over sharing? That's what I do when I want to share a Safari link or image:

Droplr Share.kmmacros (48,1 KB)

The link is also stored in the clipboard so that you can use it in further actions.

It's awesome and really save my bacon. Thanks a lot.

I'm stupid and forget the whole share menu, and even tried to get some possible solution from the API document.

Thank you again.

That's what the forum is for @haohailong :wink:
No, that wasn't stupid :shushing_face: This has happened to me very often, that I have worked myself into something too much without looking to the right or left.
An alternative solution was then so simple.

I am very happy that I could help you :nerd_face:

:sweat_smile: Glad to get your kind reply, and I also learned two German words. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hey Hailong,

I'll say it's not...

Yuck – what a horrible UI Droplr has for this.

I tried working with the Menulet, and it breaks UI scripting (and other) conventions.

It looks to me like @appleianer's sharing menu suggestion is probably the best option.


If you copy a URL to the clipboard and activate the main Droplr hotkey, it will automatically create a shortened URL.


Thank you for sharing your idea Chris. I agree that @appleianer ' s idea is the best option. As for the main hotkey, I tried, but just doesn't work for me.

And again the UI is terrible.