Shot Myself in the Foot – And Forgot I Assigned Delete as a Hotkey Trigger

This morning I was trying to make some changes in my email and found that my delete key was not working.

So off to the internet to find out some reasons as to why my keyboard delete key would not work. I found several articles on how to fix a delete key that did not work. I tried several but none worked. I also found that shift delete worked and did several checks trying to find the reason.

So it was time for a break. When I thought maybe I have a shortcut key using the delete key. Sure enough there was a macro in my test group that had the delete key as a trigger and since it did nothing it made the delete key seem to not work.

So you old timers you can have a great laugh and new comers remember this.



There's nothing wrong with your post, I'm glad you solved your problem, although there's a 50% chance one of the website admins here might rename the title of your post to something more accurate.

More like rueful nostalgia...

I've dropped into that pitfall myself a time or two.  :sunglasses:

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literally story of my life every time im trying to build a new macroβΈ± and just so happen the day after would always be trying to fix what I broke :joy: