Should there be separate “excluded applications” lists for “application switcher” and "quit/hide applications”?

I use the KM “application switcher” macro several times in a day. There are some applications I hardly ever quit because I frequently switch to them, for example, Safari and Skim. So, I added these apps to the excluded applications list so that I do not mistakenly close any of such applications using a macro.
However, I find it difficult switching to these apps because they no longer show up in the application switcher.
So, to avoid issues like this, I am suggesting a separate exclusion list for the application switcher and quitting/hiding applications.

Yes, the Excluded global preference should be removed entirely, and probably will be.

You can turn off excluding the applications from the application switcher - display the application switcher and click and hold on any icon, and you will see a contextual menu which shows that “e” will toggle display of the excluded apps.

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Thanks. That solved it!!!