Show a Palette when in a specific app (Safari)


I like to know if it’s possible to show a palette, when a command in a file menu - here “save as…” - is pressed in a specific app - here Safari.
In other words: when I press the “save as…” button or when I type the shortcut “⌘-S” in Safari, then a specific palette with macros should be shown.

Basically, no.

You could use a Device Key trigger to detect Command-S and show a palette, but there isn’t really any way to detect selecting the menu or pressing a button.

Thank you for the informations.

So, perhaps that will be possible in a future version…

Hey There,

This is unlikely to happen, because Peter only implements features that have a publicly available API and won’t do things that hack the system.

However, it is possible to do by “hacking” the system.

There’s a utility called UI Actions that brings “universal attachability” to applications.

The events it can see are:

  • choosing a menu item
  • choosing a tab
  • changing the value of a text field, radio button, or checkbox
  • clicking a button that changes a value in the user interface
  • selecting a user interface element
  • scrolling a view
  • opening a sheet or drawer
  • opening, moving, or resizing a window
  • bringing a window to the front or minimizing it to the Dock
  • activating, deactivating, showing, or hiding an application

Currently the price for it is $35.00 U.S.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the tip! Perhaps I will try once UI Actions.