Show all applications macro not playing nice with btt? help please

I can hide all applications either native through btt's own action or btt triggering a kb hide all applications keystroke, which is fine, but for some reason I can't trigger show all through a btt gesture.

I can trigger it through a kb keystroke, control-option-command-space is my example, and all hidden apps come up, but when I set that to a gesture (four finger swipe up) in btt, it does nothing, and I do almost everything through my trackpad, what could I be getting wrong, I would ask in btt but that forum is a ghost town.

I tried the keystroke, and sending it to kb, but didn't work.

Please define what you mean by "btt". I did not find it in the KM Wiki.

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sorry, bettertouchtool, another gesture program for MacOS, I am playing with it, and redid it in btt with the straight up keystroke, and it seems to be working now, so my I don't need help anymore with this, glad to have joined this forum anyway, seems like a good community.

Hi @Lon_Ron, I myself also use 95% BTT to execute my macros/palettes with a gesture.
I do not use shortcuts as triggers in BTT but the AppleScript contained in the KM macros.

Here is an example for calling a macro group/palette with BTT:

BTT actions can also be executed via an AppleScript in KM. Especially the action to call an action from the macOS context menu is ingenious in KM:

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hi appleianer I think I came across some of your videos a while ago by googling, explaining how to do something, but it was in German, and I am new to km and it looked complex with so many macros, so it was a bit much at the time, but I have since bought km and will learn it.

I'm horrible with applescript, don't understand it can only follow tutorials, I'm ok with btt finally after using for a while but still haven't checked out the advanced features, but thanks for the videos I will check them out, and maybe ask you some questions later if you don't mind.

I think the programs compliment each other nicely, but mostly my hands are on the trackpad when I use my mac so almost everything goes through btt, I find it easier to run that way.

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You have all time to check @Lon_Ron :nerd_face:
If you have any questions, you can contact me anytime.

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thanks appleianer I appreciate it, I love automation for some reason lol, I will pm you with specific questions though as not to clog up the forum, but I only have a few currently, there are some things I do right now with calling km from btt unelegantly that could probably be cleaned up by applescript.

Hier @Lon_Ron die Makros aus dem Video:

KM AppleScript in BTT einfügen:

05)UUID AS <2A9A 200905T170841>.kmmacros (5,6 KB)

Insert BTT AppleScript into KM:

UUID AS.kmmacros (24,1 KB)

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