Show Macro in Enclosing Macro Group (Folder)

For years, I thought it was not possible to show a macro in its enclosing Group.

For example, when going through the All Macros group or looking at search results. I think that is because I expected that there would an option in the right-click context menu, just like in Finder.


(For KM, that could be "Show in Enclosing Group).

I just decided to live with that, but today I suddenly noticed that there is a small link in the upper right of the window to go to the enclosing group. In this example, that group is called Safari:

I simply never noticed that link.

I share this because I think it might be helpful to others to know, but also to suggest to add the "Show in..." functionality in the context-menu so it's easier to spot! :slight_smile:

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I mean, that link is really tiny, no? :wink:

It's in the "View" menu -- "Reveal Parent Group", ⌥⌘R


I can’t remember… is this one of the newer features from KM10?

Because there’s a macro posted here that accomplished the same thing that was popular for awhile. Can’t remember who created it and I’m not at my computer right now to look it up.