Show Note for Action?

Just had the need to show comment/note for action/group and found this thread Wish list: ability to add comments to macro groups and palettes

Comment/note is extremely helpful especially for those collapsable actions such as "Group" action. As you see from the screenshot, when collapsed, it shows nothing. It will be great if we can show the notes from "set note" after "Group". For now, my workaround is adding a comment action above the "Group" action.

In the meantime, try renaming the action…

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yeah but I don't think you can rename "Group" action.

Yes, you can. I do it myself all the time. Just click the gear icon and choose the “rename” option. Your workaround is good for longer comments & notes, though :wink:

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OMG, never notice this, thanks!

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That’s both the beauty and the problem with KM: there’s always something else to learn! Stay safe! BTW - you can rename any action…