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OK, I’ve re-done the original post. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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Dan, great job! That’s an outstanding writeup! :thumbsup:

Thanks. It’s more like what I usually do.

By the way, you got me laughing with your replies. You were leading me along so I would come up with a better explanation - what a great way to handle that! You have much more tact than I do. :slight_smile:

I was able to install the Keyboard Maestro plugins, but I couldn’t seem to get the dagware apps to be recognized in my notification preferences (even though I moved the apps to the recommended location and opened each one). Did I miss something?

Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

Happy New Year to you, too!

Did you run each of them once by double-clicking them? If you don’t do this, the system won’t recognize them.

I did, but something else was messing it up. Apparently my notification center was corrupted (figured that out when it wouldn’t open). Luckily, a Stack Overflow article outlined steps to fix it, and your apps now work perfectly :slight_smile: anywho, thanks for the tips!

Glad you got it working!

Just curious - do you remember the Stack Overflow link? I have some issues with my notification center as well, so it might be useful for me. Thanks.

Sure, I went digging around a bit and I’m pretty positive that this is the link— (just don’t forget the restarting your Mac afterwords bit)

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Hello thank you for creating the plugin. How do I design a macro so that I can pause it and perform an action by pressing “shows”? For example, open an app.

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@DanThomas Thank you for this great work and I really think it'll help me out in many cases, just like sometimes you just wanna a notification won't go away but you don't want a window pops out. But It seems that I've come across a installing issue here.

I followed your instruction step by step. But I can't see dagware in the notification preferences.

Here's what I've done for debugging (But nothing changes):

@DanThomas Have the same problem as Alice with the application earlier . Having downloaded this but the alert and notifier does appear on the list preferences-Notifications. Is there any way to solve this problem?

It's been way too long for me to remember anything about this. Perhaps someone else will chime in.

Thanks. Instruction video worked well. It's working now. Much easier then set a normal notification, pause and applescript for closing notifications

Awesome job, guys! :smile:

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Everything still works in MacOS Catalina :smile: if you also have notifications for when a new volume is mounted on mac, you’ll need to turn off the MacOS quarantine flag for unsigned applications

First Dan, let me tell you that during the years I'd been using KM I found many of your articles/replies/videos/etc SO helpful. I've learned a lot when I needed it.
I came across this thread when I was researching exactly what your plugin is supposed to do.
I did exactly all you said, but still, the plugins do not show in the System Preferences Notification pane.
I read some other users had the same problem. Gerrit mentioned an instructional video.
If there is one, how can I find it/what else can I do to make it work?
BTW, I am using Big Sur version 11.1 (20C69).
Again, thanks a lot!

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Hi Saul - thanks for the kind words. I don't think this is needed anymore, is it? Isn't there a standard "Notification" action now?

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Hi @Saul, the Plugin in Catalina or Big Sur did not work for me either. I don't have a solution for you either.

What exactly are you trying to set up/achieve with notifications?

I switched to the Pushover app for iOS and macOS (one-time 10,- €) some time ago. The advantage here is that you can use a KM plugin to quickly and efficiently create a notification that appears on all  devices.
You can embed URL's , like Siri Shortcuts etc.. Also an icon for a better overview of the notification (for iOS).

Here is an example for my Battery Status on my iMac:

Here is an example for my ScreenFlow export to Tweetbot:

I use these notifications to show me in ScreenFlow and FCP X the completed export.
Synchronization's processes or even the completion of a backup and much more.

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Hi appleianner.
Thanks for taking the time to update me regarding the fact that it doesn't work with BS, much appreciated.
Regarding the app you recommended I'll try.
Thanks again and have a good coming week.

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Hi Dan.
"thanks for the kind words." Those are not just kind words. That's the truth and spoken from my heart.

" I don't think this is needed anymore" Very much appreciate you telling me that. (Already incorporated in the macro I was working on). :blush:
I thought there is something like this. The reason I didn't find it was that I was searching for "Notifications".
Now I know! :blush:
Thanks again.

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