Show or hide actions with command-k

Is there a newer thread than the following which proposes a solution? I opened a copy of 7.3.1 just to be sure I wasn't having an incorrect memory about being able to do it. Thanks.

A solution to what problem?

In version 7, I could show or hide the Actions palette with command-k, but not in version 8.

The show part still works in KM 8, but the Hide Actions does not respond to ⌘K.

I suspect it is just an oversight on Peter’s part, but until he fixes it, just write a short macro with a trigger of ⌘K, and checks the Action menu to toggle show/hide.

I downloaded the one linked from here, but I wanted to be sure nobody had already submitted working version before I submitted. Anyway, I changed it as shown below so it would work with 8. Thanks.

If you open Keyboard Maestro 7 after running Keyboard Maestro 8, you may damage your macros (specifically, Search & Replace and Filter actions may be lost).

You might need to revert to the macros as they were before you ran Keyboard Maestro 7 (perhaps the revision from yesterday).

How would those losses be realized? Would the actions assume uncustomized status, or would they simply be missing from mass macros where they had been added?

They would simply disappear from the macros. Anything Keyboard Maestro cannot recognise, it discards, saving as much of the macro as it can.

Maybe in future versions so-called unrecognized items could be replaced with some sort of “removed” marker.

8.0.4 eliminates the primary issue of dismissing the actions sheet with ⌘K.