Show Palette of Macros - Smart Groups

Can Smart Groups be added to Show Palette of Macros?

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the following statement:

"You can choose any set of macros or macro groups or (v9.0+) smart groups to display in the palette, which behaves similar to the Conflict Palette."

Of course, I can add a regular group:

But I can't add the Smart Group as the Smart Group won't show up (example):

  1. Is my interpretation/implementation wrong?
  2. It can't be done?
  3. Or is this a bug?

Please advise.


Ok. I found a fix for this -- at least on my systems. I have to select a regular macro group first and then the Smart Group selections will show up. I'll mark it as a solution, for now, but I'm not sure @peternlewis intended for it to work this way but it is a workaround.

Here is my artifact:



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It's a bug in the menu selection. Fixed for the next version, there are several workarounds, including dragging the smart group on to the popup menu.

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