Show Palette of Macros With Triggers?

I know there's a command "Show palette of Macros" with which I can see Macros & use them. This is e.g. my Excel group:

But it doesn't show the triggers (keyboard shortcuts)... For instance, I keep forgetting what the keyboard shortcut is I created for "Freeze Panes", so I'd like a handy way to have that pop up, a bit like in KM itself:

(oh yes, it was Control-Command-P)

Is there a way to do that?

I found out that you could do it with Applescript, but it's pretty slow and I'd have to cycle through the returned arrays:

tell application "Keyboard Maestro"
   set theTriggers to description of trigger of macros of macro group "Excel Group"
   set theNames to name of macros of macro group "Excel Group"
   set theCount to count of macros of macro group "Excel Group"
   {theTriggers, theNames}
end tell

So, does KM have a feature I don't know about to do this? If not, Peter, pretty please, for an upcoming release?

Thanks & cheers --Mike

To remember my shortcuts i use KeyCue from Ergonis software. Works great with KM. Maybe that is an option for you too.

Thanks @Gerrit, I didn't know KeyCue. Had a look at it and it's a bit overkill for my use case... I was thinking of creating a single shortcut that shows a macro group depending on which application is in front. Seems like an easy addition for KM.

Thanks --Mike

Hi @Michiel, try the settings in the macro group.


Hello @appleianer,

Thanks, didn't think of that, but has no effect. All the palette choices have triggers activated, and still they do not show.

Thanks --Mike

If I have understood this correctly, your macro group is activated in Excel.

Since the first letters of your name are grey @Michiel, you can execute the individual action macros with them.
So you don't really need the shortcuts.

Just like in my macro group. I reach the conflict display (palette) by the trigger "ΓΌp" for each macro.
For triggering I use the first letter.

Like in this example with HoudahSpot:

Could you please post a screenshot of the settings of the macro group "Excel Group"?

Hey Michiel,

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that a conflict palette? If so then normal palette display controls won't work with it.

Slow? I think not.

Display Macro Hotkeys for Macro Group [Name] v1.00.kmmacros (6.7 KB)

This macro takes less than a second to run on my old mid-2010 MacBook Pro.

Didn't I already do this somewhere?

Oh, yeah. This one displays the selected macro group in the Keyboard Maestro Editor in BBEdit for convenience and searchability.

Export Names of all Macros in the Selected Group to CSV or Excel (Includes triggers.)

(BBEdit is commercial software but reverts to the freeware BBEdit-Lite version after a 30 day trial period – the lite version retains a great deal of power, flexibility, and scriptability.


Hi @ccstone,

Thanks for your very helpful answer! It surely works faster than what I was trying in Applescript, and I will adapt and use it, thanks.

Still I'd like to see this to be a native feature - would still be faster of course, and you could make it interactive.

The screenshot is just a palette, not a conflict palette of my Excel group - I did that for the purpose of illustration - it's not usable.

Thanks again & cheers --Mike

I do this caveman style: include the keyboard shortcut (or other information) in the macro name:

Delete Clip - ⌘ delete (a Final Cut Pro X macro that executes ⌘ delete to delete a clip)
Save Current Frame - F5 (a Final Cut Pro X macro that saves the current frame, which also has a trigger of the function key F5)
Full Screen Toggle βŒƒβŒ˜F (a Global macro that toggles Full Screen view on my iMac)

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Hi @S.Hart, if you want to delete the event as well as the generated event files quickly and easily, then I would have this macro for you. Before you start the macro, you only have to mark the event (blue).

Event:Files.kmmacros (36,6 KB)