Show your macros with long screenshot【BAB needed】

When someone posts his/her macro to the forum,you may wanna see it before download and use it.

But to the author of the macro, take a screenshot of the macro will be quite time-consuming, especially when the macro is too long to show with only one screenshot.

There are many plugins to take long screenshots in Safari、FireFox、Chrome,in KM or macOS?You need to take several screenshots and stitch it together manually.

Until now, you have a brilliant solution to save your time about the screenshot

Here is an example:

There is a macro I wanna share with you and this screenshot is not qualified. It has not shown the macro complete and has too much irrelevant content.

This is exactly what I want:

As for the System? No problem!

Here are the links you may need:

BetterAndBetter official website:

Video presentation:

An example of JMichaelTX's macro:

Hey @suliveevil,

The Keyboard Maestro Editor makes uploading macros and full-sized images of them quite easy.

See: How to Post Your Macro to the Forum


Wow, great feature to share macros, thank you for letting me know. :star_struck:

I'm a newbie using KM for about three months. With many thanks, I learned a lot from your posts.

If you wanna take long screenshots in macOS、Safari、FireFox、Chrome or other apps, BetterAndBetter will be my recommendation. It's free for now (planned to be commercial).

BAB is more like a Chinese version BetterTouchTool (but has unique charm) and have complementary advantages with KM.