Shut Down Macro

A couple of months ago I got a new iMac, and because the standard keyboard shortcut for shutting down the computer (Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+Eject) no longer worked, I devised a simple macro to do this. But recently this macro is putting the computer to sleep instead of shutting it down. Can anyone suggest what the problem might be or perhaps suggest a better method?


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Here is how I do mine. :). I have a prompt to countdown in case I'm not working at that time. It will automatically shutdown.

All you need is this one simple Action:
Shut Down Computer action (KM Wiki).

BTW, ⌃⏏ will display a popup window with sleep/shutdown options, which can be selected by the first letter:

Are you sure?

On my MBP Mid 2017 that shortcut (via an external Apple keyboard) still shuts down the Mac.

The trouble with this action is that it reopens all the windows when logging back in, which is not what I want.

For some reason this shortcut doesn’t work on my external Apple keyboard.

Yes, it stopped working when I got a new iMac and upgraded to Sierra. In view of the fact that Ctrl+Eject doesn’t work either, perhaps there is a problem with the keyboard.