Shutter Release Camera Button to Take Photo

I have a shutter release button for my camera that I use with an Applescript for copy work. The button allows me to take the photo without using the keyboard (1' behind me). What I can't figure out is how to use KM to record the push of the button. Pressing the button would initiate the camera taking the photo. In essence, pressing the button tells the Applescript display window to execute ("enter" on the keyboard).

I know KM sees me press the button because it brings up the Action panel. This Applescipt is also invoking photography software. If I used the keyboard, the keyboard shortcut to take a photo would be "command + k".

Any ideas?

So you want Keyboard Maestro to detect when the applescript is run? Screenshots or video would help to understand what you mean.

Hey @Matt_Lewis! The Applescript will be launched beforehand. I want the shutter release button to mimic the return/enter key which will "execute" the display button. This will paste that filename in the software and then provide the next filename for the next photo. This continues until the list of files being copied to the clipboard ends.

This is how I created the above question in QuickKeys.

Using the QK screenshot as a jumping off point, I found a solution that works. See below!

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